ISO 13485 certification
Credentials & References

CALISO has been specialized, since 1996, in helping small and medium-size businesses, and organizations achieve competitiveness, certifications and compliance to international standards and regulations. We have a very good understanding of the organizational, cost, and cultural constraints and difficulties of small and medium size organizations. We leverage this understanding along with our expertise in international standards and regulations, to successfully assist and develop close working relationships with leading companies in the following industries:

  • High-Tech.
  • Contract Manufacturing.
  • Medical Devices and Biomedical.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Microprocessor Manufacturers
  • Automotive Manufacturers
  • Neutraceuticals.
  • Stem Cell Research
  • Aerospace.
  • Government contractors.
  • Machine shops.
  • Electronics and automation
  • Food Processing and wine industry.
  • Software development.
  • Telecommunications and IT.
  • Medical imaging software.
  • Plastics and composites manufacturing.
  • Ground and air transportation.
  • Computer, electronics and PCB manufacturing.
  • Architecture and construction management.
  • Printing and Screen-Printing.
  • Software duplication and CD-R mastering.
  • Nuclear Industry.
  • Service Industry.
  • Petrochemical storage and distribution.
  • Localisation and globalization services.
  • Hydraulic equipment manufacturing.

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Consulting or training client list includes leading companies such as:

How our consulting time and costs compare:

  • We have 100% success rate: Every company achieved their targeted certification or Time to Market (TTM) objective on time.
  • For certifications, the average time to achieve certification is 5 months from our conducting the initial gap assessment.
  • Our billing rates are 30% lower than typical industry rates.
  • We usually save 30-40% on consulting budgets when we have a responsive organization.
  • We maintain on-going relationships with all of our clients to help them in their expansion, market development and change management.
  • We also offer compliance/certification maintenance services, for organizations who do not have the human resources or time to allocate to their compliance program.

Online Training References:

National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) the Irish Registrar use our online training courses to train their auditors.

Consulting References: (Ask about their experience working with CALISO Consulting)

Julie Hagmann
Quality Manager of Baxter Healthcare -Pleasanton Division (Hylan Immuno)
Tel: 510-818-4711

Paul Ivory
Director of global quality of Dell Computers-(Semiconductor Mfg.)
Austin, Texas
Tel: 512-723-5756

Dean Hachim
Quality Manager of Xilinx -(Semiconductor Mfg.)
Pleasanton, California
Tel: 510-818-4711

Donald Lopez
Quality Manager of IDT -(Semiconductor Mfg.)
Ķan Jose, California
Tel: 408-574-6792

Phil Penna - Director of Operations of Scott Laboratories (Wine analysis and cork processing)
Petaluma, California
Tel: (707) 765-6666

Chia-Chin Ku -VP of Sales of NexTrend (Computer integration and distribution)
Fremont, California
Tel: (510) 413-5101

Ryan Lin - CEO of Lin Engineering (Electric motor design and manufacturing)
San Jose, California
Tel: (408) 919-0200 x214

Randy Wheeland - Director of QA/RA- Ortho Development (Orthopedic implants)
Draper, Utah
Tel: (801) 553-9991 x197

Leticia Martinez - QA and Import/Export Manager.
Tucson, Arizona; Empalme and Saltillo Mexico
Tel: (520) 889-0022

Tom Vaccaro
Director of Quality of PacketVideo (Wireless video distribution software)
San Diego, California
Tel: 858-560-6200 x217

Ed Maroquinni - VP- A&E Services (Machine servicing for the automotive industry)
Chicago, IL
Tel: (419) 944-17357

Juan Luis De La Torre
Plant Manager of El Mexicano Cheeses (Cheese and Grade A product manufacturing)
Hanford, California
Tel: (559) 584-8000

Joseph Iwan - President of Professional Food Safety. Chicago, IL
Tel: (773) 821-1943

John Trayer - President of Trayer Engineering Corp. (Industrial power distribution equipment)
San Francisco, California
Tel: (415) 285-7770

Hiroki Hiura
QA Director of Paramount Farms Inc. (Largest pistachio manufacturer in the world)
Lost Hills, California
Tel: (661) 797-6500

Kenny Tsang
QA Director of FOXCONN. (Networking products contract manufacturing)
San Jose, California
Tel: (408) 547-8800

David Chang
QA Director of FOXCONN Optical Technology. (Fiber Optics R&D)
Fremont, California
Tel: (510) 360-5392

Steve Gunther-Murphy
Process Development Manager of siteROCK (Internet infrastructure monitoring)
Emeryville, California
Tel: (510) 655-9798

Gabe Austin - QC Director (Water filtering product)
Camarillo, California
Tel: (805) 897-7372 x105

Tom Wilson
CEO of Grohen (Plastic Injection Molding)
San Leandro, California
Tel: (510) 569-5025

Allen Armstrong (CEO) of Darcoid (Rubber products manufacturing)
Oakland, California
Tel: (510) 836-2449

Oran Muduroglu - CEO of Philips Medical (Medical imaging-Division)
South San Francisco, California
Tel: (415) 999-9266

Manabu Tokunaga - Director of Quality of Stentor Inc. (Medical imaging ASP)
South San Francisco, California
Tel: (650) 794-2076

Billy chang - QA Manager of Advantech. (Automation and network equipment Mfr.)
Fremont, California
Tel: (510) 580 -6847

Sophy Chung - General Manager of Lionel Henderson Corp. (Government contractor)
Sacramento, California
Tel: (916) 429-8601

Mounir Aoun - Commodity Manager -IBM
San Jose, California
Tel: ( 408) 256-1871

Casey Jansen
President Terralink Communications (Installation of Telecommunications equipment)
Sacramento, California

Deana Wiseman - QA Manager of Silicon Valley Printed Circuits (SVPC)
Santa Clara, California
Tel: (650) 228-1551

Mike Guertin - QA Manager of Nortel Networks (Telecommunications equipment)
Santa Clara, California
Tel: (408) 565-3811

Greg Holmes - QA Manager of Stentor Inc.
So. San Francisco, California
Tel: (650) 794-2076

Chuck Elsbree - President of Advanced Printed Circuit Boards.
or Bob Spencer-QA Manager of APCT Santa Clara, California
Tel: (408) 727-6442

Hal Wells - (Underwriters Laboratories-UL) Senior Account Representative Tel: (408) 985-2400 x32885

John Wilson - Quality Division Manager of TUV Essen (ISO 9000 Registrar)
Tel: (973) 773-8880

Joachim Neumann - Lead Auditor of TUV Management Services and TUV-Essen (ISO 9000 Registrar, CE certifications)
Tel: (510) 881-1430

Terry McQuarrie - Vice President of Glasforms Inc. (Plastic composites)
San Jose, California
Tel: (408) 297-9300

Brian Schmille - Sales Manager of Xyan Corp. (Printing Industry), California
Tel: (510) 534-5370 X259

Helmuth Meissner - President of Onyx Optics. (Laser components)
Dublin, California
Tel: (925) 833-1969